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Tacoma's Furcadia Dream Set by tacoma Tacoma's Furcadia Dream Set by tacoma
These are the portraits I completed for my old dream, The Twilight Garden in Furcadia. It has been over a year since I closed the dream down due to RL issues, but I wanted to put these out there as a sort of "Port"folio of my pixel work. All were completed over the period of two years, some were scanned and cleaned up in MS Paint, others were quickly mapped out using the .FSH (now .FOX?) editor that comes with Furcadia.

The unis and foxen especially hold a special place in my heart. At the time, my dream was the very first to have custom Unicorn and Foxen portraits. I worked diligently upon hearing they were to be the new races to make sure that as soon as the patch went live, they would be available in my dream. TTG was a fairly popular dream and I may consider reopening it someday, but in the meantime here are the portraits I did for it. It really goes without saying but please don't steal them :< They took waayy too long to make and are for personal use only.

As the information at the bottom clearly states, if you see ANY furre that is NOT Tacoma or any dream that is not run by Tacoma using any of these please contact me immediately.

And yes, I am always open for commissions but the best way to contact me would not be by PM on DA. Toss me an email instead: tigressfire at

Due to the forementioned RL issues, I only accept payment via paypal and no longer accept digos as payment.
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October 6, 2009
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